Chase N. Cashe Speaks On Recording With "Club Paradise" Tourmates; Possible Project In the Works

(AllHipHop News) Chase N. Cashe took some time to speak to while on his tour bus, which is currently traveling nationwide as part of the "Club Paradise Tour" with Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and A$AP Rocky.

The rapper and producer's recent mixtape, The Heir Up There, has been getting some great feedback since its release, including our own 8/10 review. Chase was eager to share some information with us about some of the amazing collaborations he's got in the stash that he cannot wait for the world to hear.

When asked about an actual collaborative project or EP with his tour mates, Chase said "Definitely. I’m trying to put it together. With me being the sole producer on the tour, I’m definitely trying to put that sh*t together. Me and [A$AP] Rocky talk all the time. Rock and [A$AP] Yams are very creative people and they’re working on the A$AP Mob compilation, and I’ll be working with them and producing on that sh*t. I got some joints with Kendrick [Lamar] that will be coming out on his sh*t too. You know, we got the set up so we’re trying to put something together and then we just have to get the big dog Drake to come off the stage one time and give us a verse."

Since the project and music has a "larger than life" feel to it, just based on the artists that are collaborating, asked Chase to clarify on how much of a reality the project actually was. "This sh*t is all real. I’m definitely going to put it out there that at the very least, I’m sure we’re going to have a song or songs made from this tour that will definitely hit the Internet and do what they do."

Beyond the prospect of releasing a project with all four MC's, Chase also spoke on the work that he and his producing partner Hit-Boy have been cooking up, both as individuals and as a duo. "Right now we’re doing Kent Money’s project, also Hit-Boy got some sh*t coming, I got some more sh*t coming; I’m always working. We’re really going to try and put a compilation together with everybody but I can’t really put a date no on that sh*t because everybody in Surf Club is individually out touring and doing their own thing."

"I’m going to keep it real," Chase continued, "I think me and Hit-Boy both have got some stuff on Kendrick Lamar’s album, and I definitely want people to hear that sh*t. I got some sh*t coming with Wiz Khalifa. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it goes through, but that sh*t is a banger for real for real! Even if it just comes out to come out, he’s a talent that I like to work with and he’s interesting. I possibly got some stuff with Big Sean, but I know Hit-Boy has some bangers with Sean coming. I’ve got something coming with him on the rap side and, man, just a lot of sh*t in general."

In regards to new artists that Chase is preparing to work with, there is a lot of new talent like "L.E.P. Bogus Boys, Alley Boy, Trouble from Atlanta, Casey Veggies, Skeme from California, Troy Ave., that’s my guy, me and him are going to put out a project together, too."