Check Out Why A Milwaukee Radio Station Has Banned Drake's Music

Should the Deer fear the "Drake Curse"?

(AllHipHop News) Aubrey Drake Graham is probably the most famous Toronto Raptors fan in the world. Not only is Champagne Papi a loyal supporter, but he's also a global ambassador for the franchise and the team's practice facility is named after his OVO brand.

The Raptors took an "L" last night when the Milwaukee Bucks won Game 1 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals (108-100). In addition to dealing with that defeat, Drake is also being banned on a Wisconsin radio station.

An announcement on the 103.7 KISS-FM website reads, in part:

Could you imagine Drake yelling at GIANNIS on the sidelines? Talking smack? It'll happen. He used his "curse" on the 76ers...they LOST to the Raptors. Oh, have you ever heard about the "Drake Curse"? Yea, read up on that... So we've decided that until the Bucks/Raptors series comes to an end...we are hereby taking a BREAK FROM DRAKE. NO MORE DRAKE ON KISS-FM. Oh - its a song that features Drake? Nope. Sorry. Byeee. We can't take that chance. When Toronto comes to Milwaukee, they won't be hearing any of their hometown boy on 103.7 KissFM. Nah, son. Keep that ish in your BEATS. Not in OUR HOUSE. 

However, songs by fellow Toronto-raised entertainer Shawn Mendes will still play on the station. 103.7 KISS explained, "'Break from Shawn' doesn't have as nice of a ring to it... He's so damn cute! He's not standing up talking smack on the sidelines. You don't hear of a Shawn Mendes curse, do you?"  

Drake is unlikely to take offense to the temporary airplay restriction. The "In My Feelings" performer is known to troll opponents of the Raptors. Earlier this week, Drizzy called out Philadelphia 76ers devotees Meek Mill and Kevin Hart after Toronto eliminated the Sixers from the playoffs.

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Raptors will lose because of drake. He’s worse than Romo. And Wisconsin should adopt that rule regardless if bucks win or not. Drake is for softies.