Cheetos Puts Big Bucks Behind MC Hammer With Super Bowl Commercial

AllHipHop Staff

The Oakland, California legend will be featured in another Super Bowl commercial this year.

(AllHipHop News) Rap veteran MC Hammer is revisiting the origins of his hit song "U Can't Touch" This for a funny Super Bowl Cheetos commercial.

The hip-hop star will promote the snack brand's new cheesy popcorn product during the big American football game, which will be broadcasted live from Miami, Florida on February 2.

In the new advertisement, Hammer takes viewers back to his native Oakland, California in 1989, when he was in the process of writing the catchy 1990 tune.

He's featured sitting in front of a piano, eating a bag of Cheetos, only to realize he can't touch the keys as his fingers are covered in the cheesy orange 'dust' from the snack.

According to the ad, his predicament leads to the creation of "U Can't Touch This."

"We saw the Super Bowl as the only fitting place to debut our biggest product launch in a decade with Cheetos Popcorn," says Rachel Ferdinando, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Frito-Lay North America, the company behind Cheetos.

"And of course, joining our mischievous brand identity in a playful way with MC Hammer was a perfect fit."

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Yeah Hammer!!! Get that money!!