Chi-Ali Profiled Again


Ali, who is wanted for murdering his girlfriend's

brother over a three hundred dollar debt and music CD's, was

recently profiled again on America's Most Wanted. According

to police reports, Sean Raymond believed Griffith, who used

to live with him in a Bronx apartment, stole the cd’s.

Raymond's family say that Chi admitted to stealing the CD's

because Raymond owed him the money.

Chi-Ali arrived

on Quincy Avenue with another man, who punched Raymond in

the face. Chi then shot Raymond 5 times with a handgun. Raymond

died on the way to the hospital.

Juju, a member

of The Beatnuts, who produced Chi-Ali's first album The

Fabulous Chi-Ali in 1992, told allhiphop: "I know

niggas that got shot and killed over less than that, To be

honest. Niggas don’t understand that its real out there. We

fortunate that we make money doing what we like and shit.

We been doing it for a long time. But the day that that shit

ends, you don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t have

a college degree. I ain’t no fucking lawyer or doctor. I’ma

do what I gotta do to provide for my (family)."

Psycho Les added:

"That was our first project in this whole business. I

feel good about it. That’s what introduced us to the world

right there. That’s what got us everything."

In May of last

year, police almost had Chi pinned down in Atlanta, Georgia

but they missed him by ten minutes.