Chicago High School Students Like Dem Franchize Boyz

Atlanta rap group Dem Franchize Boyz were recently held up from leaving a Chicago high school after a performance, due to a minor prank.

One of the students decided to pull the school's fire alarm to prevent the group from leaving the building.

Due to the fire alarm, the students had to use the schoolyard as an exit, which in turn blocked the path for DFB to make a quick exit.

Even under the supervision of the Chicago police, fans stood in front of the vehicle preventing any movement of the car.

It was reported that one student opened the door to the vehicle and pulled the passenger door off the track while trying to climb in the vehicle.

An accident report was filed, but no one was injured.

Dem Franchize Boyz' second album,

On Top of Our Game, is due in stores

Tuesday (Feb. 7).