Chicago Industry Vets Help Noonie Ward With Label

Harold "Noonie" Ward, currently on the cover

of the newest F.E.D.S. magazine has started a record company to show

love back to the streets of Chicago.

Chicago native and music industry vet John Monopoly has lent support in

helping Noonie cultivate relationships.

Noonie has also been in talks with former Def Jam executives Russell

Simmons and Kevin Liles, who apparently had the concept of a Def Jam

Midwest already formulated.

Discussions fell through, however, and they are currently shopping

around for a label to sign a deal for the company.

"We think it's important to show love and support other folks from

Chicago trying to make it happen in the music industry" Monopoly said of

the status of the yet-to-be-named company.

Ward, a former high ranking Gangster Disciple turned-businessman who

left the street life behind in the early 1990's, ran for alderman in

Chicago in 2003 and State Representative last year.