Chicago Rapper Running For President

Feeling that America is in a state of emergency and needs new and innovative leadership, Chicago rapper Brother El is…

Feeling that America is in a state of emergency

and needs new and innovative leadership, Chicago rapper Brother El is running

for President of the United States. Brother El’s campaign headquarters,

also known as his very own independent record label, has proclaimed five reasons

as to why he should be elected to office. They are:

1. El will deliver slavery reparations for over

$5 trillion owed to African Americans in unpaid labor from 1790 to 1860.

2. El will provide free healthcare and education

to the masses.

3. El will decrease taxes for high-middle to

lower income earning households, with even further tax brakes for those pursuing

higher education.

4. El will increase programs for the arts in


And finally:

5. El admits to smoking marijuana, but didn’t


El credits music and his parents for steering

him toward his creativity with sound while his neighborhood was crumbling from

the aftermath of gangs, drugs, sex and poverty. His musical influences range

from Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, Tito Puente and Celia Cruz to his affinity

for dead prez, Black Star and Ultra Magnetics.

These voices of past and present filter through

as a presence but Brother El’s technique captures sighs of Chicago’s

elevated trains and pounds the pavement despite its cracks. On Brother El's

debut album Through The Cracks Of Concrete, he takes the listener on a journey

to find balance in chaos. El’s own private “sessions with aliens”

has helped him develop an acute sense for relationships between tones and emotions

and has made him capable of seeing through what he feels is “today’s

senseless propaganda of pop culture.”

Brother El embraces sounds threaded through hip

hop verse and spoken word that he describes as an eclectic mix of electronica,

hip-hop and ambient styles laid upon an urban landscape. Through The Cracks

Of Concrete offers such innovative tunes as “Pay Close Attention,”

“Fade It,” and “Broken Dreams.” El has also shared the stage

with artists like Rakim, Xzibit, Kid Rock, Ice Cube, Alkaholiks and Kool Keith.

In an effort to understand more about Brother

El and his platform, he has scheduled a speaking engagement on Tuesday, November

5th at the Hot House, 31 E. Balbo (& Wabash) in Chicago at 10:00pm.