Chicago's NoID Inks Label Deal

Chicago producer

NoID has inked a deal with Def Jam for

his label, Face The Music. NoID has produced tracks for Common, Method Man,

new Def Jam artist Diego & tracks for Jay-Z, which NoID said would be featured

on Jigga's album, or on an upcoming Roc-A-Fella Allstar album that is being

recorded. The first act to drop on Face The Music will be female singer K.Fox.

NoID described her album, "For Goodness Sake," as "Resurrection

(Common's classic second album) on steroids with a female Marvin Gaye singing."

"K.Fox isn't

like this new neo-Soul music that is out now," This is hip-hop mixed with

R&B the way it is meant to be done," NoID said confidently.

NoID explained

to why he choose to work with Def Jam. "Def Jam out bid the

competition to get the label," NoID said. "I just wanna show them

I am about my business & make it happen." And NoID appears to be handling

his business. "I came to the table with 25 songs done for K. Fox's album.

I got real good points and I want to recoup. Also, I have never done a publishing

deal in my whole career and now I have that on the table."

NoID rose to fame

with Common, after he produced most of Common's early material. NoID revealed

that while they haven't worked together recently, they are still friends. "We

are still good friends. It's just that we are both moving in different directions,"

NoID said.

K.Fox's album For

Goodness Sake hits stores later this year.