Chicken Soup For The Hip-Hop Soul


Soup for the Soul Enterprises, creators

of the immensely popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books, announced

their next release will be "Chicken Soup for the Hip Hop Soul ". They

are currently accepting stories from writers around the world. Guidelines for

the stories can be found at

The book will be co-authored

by Adisa Banjoko aka "The Bishop of Hip-Hop," Kool Kyle and DJ Vlad,

as well as best selling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. "This

is a great opportunity not only for myself, and my fellow co-authors, but for

the entire culture surrounding Hip Hop" said Adisa. " This will be

the first book for the Hip Hop community, written by the Hip Hop community."

Added DJ Vlad, "This

book will be a compilation of 101 stories and creative accounts of people finding

empowerment through Hip Hop and overcoming adversity . So far we have complete

stories by turntablism pioneer DJ QBert, Encore and several other well known

artists. We’re also in the process of interviewing Chuck D, Muhammad Bilal

from ‘The Real World’, MTV’s Sway, Harry Allen, Grammy nominated

female MC Mystic, as well as numerous industry insiders and power players."

The book will not focus

solely on stars, but will also let regular hip-hop enthusiasts share their experiences.

"We’re looking

for stories from all races, all coasts and all countries. We want to hear from

parents, teachers, and relatives of people who love Hip Hop. There is no age

limit on submissions, and you don’t have to be an artist. If you want to

show the world what Hip Hop culture has given you, please write us. If you have

an empowering, or inspirational story that deals with your thoughts on Hip Hop-

we want your story. We’re also looking for lyrics, cartoons, comics, jokes,

poems or just a good quote. Every published story will pay the writer $300.00

for their efforts, along with a bio in the back of the book, and they’ll

get a free signed copy of the book. Poems, cartoons, song lyrics and quotes

will get paid on a per case basis."

Writers should be advised

that because Chicken Soup books have been translated into over 20 languages,

the N word, other racial slang and many swear words should be kept to a minimum;

they will lose their meaning in the translation. Keep that in mind as you share

your journey.

People who wish to send

in submissions or learn more about the book should go to

to read the guidelines for stories. Adisa, Kool Kyle and DJ Vlad can all

be contacted at the site. For more information on the Chicken Soup for the Soul

series, visit Submissions should be sent in plain text

and no attachments.