Chief Keef's 43-Year-Old Ex-Lover Says He Owes $500,000 In Back Child Support

AllHipHop Staff

The rap star is looking at one hefty child support bill.

(AllHipHop News) A woman who shares a child with Chief Keef claims the rapper is seriously in the hole when it comes to his child support payments.

The 23-year-old rapper has a baby with a 43-year-old woman named Erica Early.

She gave birth to Keef's daughter in 2013 and has been trying to wrangle money out of the rap star, who has a total of nine children with nine different women.

The rapper was originally supposed to pay Early $2,500 a month, but she had a hard time getting him to pay that amount and at one point tried to have him arrested.

Instead, Early won a ruling to have Keef's payments increased to over $10,000 a month in support for their daughter.

Now Early claims Keef owes her $471,910, plus interest. A hearing is slated for later this month.

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Both of them are mentally fucked up!!! At least he has a more decent excuse of I was young, got a record deal, some fame, $$$ & women throwing it at me!!!! I was just way too stupid & said "fuck a condom!". If the date's are correct she was a 37 year old Thot/Gold digger looking for an 18 year payday/come up. How else would anyone describe her getting pregnant by a 17 year old BOY?!?!?!? Good Luck if you think this dude has anywhere near 1/2 a million right now!