​Chief Keef Says F##k Mayor Rahm Emanuel Over Hologram Ban

Chief Keef is taking his act over to Europe.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Chief Keef is relaunching his hologram stageshow so he can perform in London without actually being there.

Keef unable to physically enter London at this time due to legal restrictions, according to his manager, so he has conjured up a different type of concert for fans in Britain.

He'll also stage his show in his native Chicago, Illinois, despite concerns the concert will be a major security risk.

A hologram show the rap star tried to stage in Indiana three years ago (15) was shut down by law enforcement officials within minutes back due to a permit issue.

Chief Keef, real name Keith Cozart, has teamed up with experts at Hologram USA Inc. for the new Chief Keef and Icons of American Music Tour, which will launch in London on August 31.

"Police and the mayor wanted to stop my hologram show in Chicago," Keef tells Billboard defiantly. "F##k (Mayor) Rahm Emanuel, I'm bringing it anyway. First up, London." 

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