Chika Tackles Abortion Ban On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' With 'Rachey v. Alabama' Song

"[Alabama Governor Kay Ivey] can rot," spits the rising performer.

(AllHipHop News) Some Hip Hop fans may be unfamiliar with the name Chika, but if those rap enthusiasts are regular social media users, they have more than likely seen one of her viral freestyles on Twitter or Instagram. Last night, the Alabama native had the chance to display her skills to a mainstream audience.

Jane Chika Oranika made an appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday. Emmy winner Lena Waithe, who was serving as the late-night program's guest host, introduced the rapper's performances of "Rachey v. Alabama" and "No Squares."

"Rachey v. Alabama" addressed the hot-button issue of reproductive rights which has once again become a national conversation following the passing of recent anti-abortion laws in Georgia and Alabama. While on the Kimmel stage, Chika stood in front of a sign that read, "WOMENS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS SINCE 1973."

Many legal and political analysts believe Alabama's Human Life Protection Act - signed by Republican Governor Kay Ivey - was passed in the attempt to eventually overturn Roe v. Wade. That landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision concluded the U.S. Constitution prevents the government from infringing on a woman's right to get an abortion during the first trimester of pregnancy.

"I wrote a song and it's entitled 'Rachey v. Alabama,'" Chika told Waithe. "We all know what's going on in Alabama right now. I'm from Alabama, so I felt like with this opportunity and the way that it lined up, it would make so much sense for me to come on here and speak for people who otherwise feel voiceless."

The product of Montgomery, AL added, "Rachey is the last name of one of my best friends who has such a powerful story when it comes to what's going on in Alabama. I felt like this would be a proper tribute to her and also a proper tribute to all women in Alabama, all people in Alabama with wombs who are able to carry children. I felt like this is my time to speak for us."

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