Chingy's "Jackpot" Is Platinum, Philly Incident Explained

Saint Louis rapper

Chingy's debut album, Jackpot has reached platinum status off the strength

of his hit single, "Right Thurr."

The rapper, who

recently bought a house in his hometown to celebrate hitting the jackpot, said

that success is all it's cracked up to be.

"It's a great

thing, the first time around hitting big, just being blessed," Chingy told "I appreciate the people and the support of the fans. Everything

is good."

Based on reports

last week, fans may have been led to believe otherwise.

The rapper made

an appearance at Philadelphia's Gallery Mall to give a free performance, but

when more fans showed up than was anticipated, the mall was closed and evacuated.

"It was a

crowded show, like 4000 people and the kids loved it so much," Chingy continued.

"I didn't get robbed, but a girl did get my ring, but it was only worth

$400 dollars. We didn't get ambushed or anything like that. The people were

just feeling us."

The rapper, who

just returned from the Roc The Mic tour, said that he is gearing up for another

tour and doing spot dates to promote the latest single, "Holidae Inn,"

which features Snoop Dogg and fellow Disturbing Tha Peace click member, Ludacris.

"I can't wait

to get back out on the road, I really am looking forward to the next tour. In

the meantime, I am looking over some movie deals to see if I want to get into


Chingy's Jackpot

is in stores now.