Chingy Talks New Album, His Label And New Single

Former Disturbing Tha Peace

artist Chingy is preparing to drop his 3rd album and the self-proclaimed baller

has tapped into his inner-hustler to create a new label.

“I'm grindin', I got

my record label Slot-A-Lot, I got some artists,” Chingy told

“I'm grindin' doing the same thing everybody else is doing, and I'm a

make it god damn it.”

His second release Powerballin'

earned gold status, successfully avoiding the sophomoric curse. The rapper

dismissed chatter that he wouldn’t last without the backing of DTP, the

powerhouse label, helmed by the platinum plus rapper Ludacris.

“When I got with Disturbing

Tha Peace it wasn't even really about being so much connected with Disturbing

Tha Peace,” he said. “I was my own man. I did what I did on my own.

It wasn't about me being with them to sell no records or nothing like that.”

Like so many before, Chingy

is using his status to help put others on. Groups on his new label include close

friends the Get It Boyz, the first act to be released on Slot-A-Lot, and Hood


Other acts on the label’s

roster include his cousin Spiffy and little sister, Ziggy.

Moving between the worlds

of artists and label head, Chingy finds a way to balance both, while in the

studio preparing for his next set of releases.

“Actually I'm working

on my third album and I'm about to drop this song called ‘All We Do Is

This’ but it's not the single, I'm just gonna drop that and put it out

there. Then I'm gonna drop the single after that, it's gonna come like in August

or September. You'll be hearing from me though, in a hot second.”