Chino XL: 'I'm Alive' and Well

Rapper Chino XL (nee Derek Barbosa) has responded to rampant rumors that he was stabbed several times in a nightclub in Reno NV.

"I dont know where it came from. They had me looking at my own back...," Chino told "I'm trying to think what kind of knife they used to stab me...I got too much skin for that - they gotta shoot me."

In a fraudulent online new story, an individual wrote: “A 31 year old New Jersey native was stabbed numerous times last night at Bully’s Night club just outside of the Sierra residents in Reno, Nevada. The man who has been identified as Derek Barbosa from Orange, New Jersey is in stable condition at Pacific Medical Hospital. Witnesses say the altercation began when two men competed in a rap battle when the assailant grabbed a whiskey bottle and struck the victim over the head.”

“I’ve never even been to Reno. I don’t want to get into it too, because of my mother. When ni**as shot up my car, MTV reported that I died in the morning and my mother heard about that before she heard from me. That’s like a small trauma, even if only for 10 minutes,” he said. “I don’t drink. I’m a health fanatic. Like I would be dumb enough to battle somebody outside of a bar. What the f**k is that?”

Not only is he alive, the Chino said he is flourishing as an actor.

“I’ve been working my ass off on this movie sh*t,” he said. “I didn’t consider myself a good actor or whatever, but I did one and I said, ‘Yo, my sh*t is kinda hot.’ Then, I did another one and at that point, I said, ‘I can do this sh*t.’”The rapper said he has a number of projects including "Gang Tapes," where he has one song on the soundtrack and three in the movie. Chino XL will be seen in the upcoming Rob Reiner directed film, "Loosely Based On A True Love Story," which starts filming in November.

In "Loosely Based…," the lyricist-turned-actor plays a Cuban hit man that "hangs people off balconies." In addition, the rapper he'll be starring in "Gang Wars" and "The Beat," a movie with rapper Coolio.

Even though he is a budding thespian, Chino said he is working on a new independent album, which he hopes to release in the near future.