Chino XL Recording New Version Of "Poison Pen"

Rapper Chino XL

is in the recording studio and working on his latest album, Chino XL Is Poison


The album was supposed

to be released in February of 2003. Chino explained the delay, saying he wanted

to re-record the album, because the first version of the album was "too


"It's a completely

different album," Chino told "This album is my actual

expression about how much hip-hop really means to me. You might only get into

this mode once in your lifetime, so I figured let me just do it."

Chino said that

the album is being created in a four month span and during the time he is recording,

he has scaled back his budding acting career to focus on the music.

Chino will also

make a guest appearance on one of the most anticipated collaborations albums,

between four of the most gifted rappers in hip-hop.

Despite Canibus

being in the Army and Ras Kass being locked down, The Four Horsemen album, which

also includes Killah Priest and Kurupt, will be finally see the light of day.

"It was an

inevitable thing," Chino said. "Priest is featured on my album, me

and Canibus have wanted to rock together for awhile and I got a crazy respect

for him and you know me and Ras go way back. I am going to be on two songs so


With Ras being

locked down and Canibus in the Army, the obstacle of getting the rappers recorded

is currently being worked out.

"I would love

for us to all get in the same room. You can send tracks back and forth and have

correspondence and communication, but when you get artists in the room who have

love and admiration for each other and the art, the cohesion between the artists

and what they right becomes something, even if they don't talk to each other.

I would like to record some of the songs in the studio together."

Recording is slated

to start at the end of the month, when Canibus finishes his Army duties.

There is no release

date for the Four Horsemen project. The group is currently negotiating a deal.

Chino XL's Poison

Pen hit's stores next year on Activate Records.