Choclair Shoots Video, Explains Lyrics

Canada's Choclair

recently shot a video for his second single, "Skunk," off of his latest

album, Memoirs Of Blake Savage. The single features Kurupt, who was also

on hand for the video shoot, which was shot during Canada Day Weekend by Wendy

Morgan. Morgan recently lensed Swollen Members award winning video, "Fuel


The new single

"Skunk" is an ode to Cannabis smoking, yet it contains references

to the 9-11 terror attacks on the U.S. "[Skunk was recorded] on the 11th

[of September] - the day everything happened," Choclair explains. "That's

why there's a few references to it, 'cause it happened that same day. And it

almost didn't happen because we called and we were just tryin' to see 'is everybody

cool to still do this?' And they're like, 'yeah man, we gotta keep doing it!'

And definitely it was on people's minds when we were recording but we still

came up with the song. So that song will definitely always have a little bit

of history in it because of when it was recorded and where it was recorded."

The video for "Skunk"

also features appearances from, Saukrates, Solitaire and Kardinall Offishall.

Memoirs Of Blake Savage is in stores now.