Choke No Joke Blasts ‘The Breakfast Club’ For Allegedly Blacklisting Him Over Jay Z Statements


Veteran videographer/filmmaker Arthur “Choke No Joke” Alston recently stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote his The Hip-Hop Nucleus: A Documentary on the Legendary Tunnel Nightclub of NYC.

by Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

(AllHipHop News) According to Choke, portions of the Q&A where he discussed his former business associates Jay Z and Dame Dash were omitted from the final video version uploaded on YouTube.

The one-time Roc-A-Fella Records employee also called out the radio show for not promoting the interview on its Instagram page or the Power 105.1 website.

He even suggested his comments about Jay may have led to him being placed on an industry “blacklist.”

Choke No Joke wrote on Instagram:

I’ve seen some bullsh-t in this industry for years. However the way these people are all on Jay Z d-ck I’m wondering what Beyonce use to beat them off so she can get some from her husband to get pregnant.
This is some blatant disrespect and Black List sh-t. I want you all to go and check out The Breakfast Club Instagram page, Power and see how they didn’t post my interview at all. The only reason they posted on YouTube is because I had posted the full interview on Friday because I shot the interview myself because I felt if I mentioned Jay Z that it was a possibility that they wouldn’t play it knowing how much influence Jay have on Charlamagne and them. It really hurts me to see this. Why I can’t talk about Jay Z? He’s not GOD for real. I don’t care who calls him Hov but he’s not my GOD. Jay Z is a part of my life as I am a part of his through employment and history. As you can see they cut out 10 minutes of my interview all because I talked about Jay Z. Now @tyrese and @ludacris go on the show after me and as you can see they interview is posted immediately but the funny thing is they titled their interview “They Keep It 100” well what did I do. I know I haven’t done the things these brothers did and I won’t ever because we all are different but the blatant disrespect is in everyone face. I did a lot for this industry and a lot of people in it and it hurts me to see people trying to slow me down as much as they can. When does this end? When I get on my knees or on all fours? This is f-cked up that @breakfastclubam did me this way. Jay Z it’s time for us to have a conversation because if you have a problem with me telling our history I need you to tell me so I know it’s either hurting you or you rather me not which is cool and understandable. So can someone set me up a meeting with Jay Z at Roc Nation. It’s long over due for me and this man to talk. I never had a problem with Jay Z outside of me getting jumped and that was Dame fault and I don’t hold Jay accountable and that sh-t is old and over with but the fact that people act like I can’t talk about it is hilarious!!! Can someone set up this meeting please!! #jayz

In a separate IG post, he added:

The part that they dropped. The Last Days of the ROC. I’m tired of people saying I’m dwelling on the past. I would never talk about these things if I wasn’t asked. I promise if Dame Dash didn’t try and play me on Drink Champs this 2002 incident would never have came up again but people acting like I gave this story life all over. So to all y’all who feel I’m dwelling on the past tell these journalists stop asking the question about Paris and I won’t ever mention that story again. Honestly speaking I was done with this story over 10 years ago with @djsuperstarjay when he interviewed me and he had a internet radio show before y’all called it Podcast. The funny thing about these shows is that these people will let those people with a bigger name just sh-t on you but if you have a rebuttal you bitter or mad or can’t talk about them. If you haven’t checked out The Breakfast Club clink the link in my bio. Make sure y’all go on iTunes and get that The Hip-Hop Nucleus: A documentary on the legendary Tunnel nightclub of NYC it’s out now on iTunes.