Chopper Stands Trial on Assault Charges, Wanted in Maryland

Former Bad Boy Entertainment rapper Chopper is slated to appear in an Atlanta courtroom Tuesday (March 6), the result of assault charges leveled against him.

The court appearance stems from Chopper's recent arrest in Gwinett County Ga. for an incident involving his girlfriend.

According to sources, the girlfriend called her sister after arguing with Chopper (born Kevin Barnes).

The sister then brought her boyfriend to confront the rapper, who had a knife.

Chopper was charged with simple assault, aggravated assault and obstruction of police officer in the incident with no bond or bail.

Chopper, a former member of Da Band, was absent from a court appearance in Maryland on Wednesday (Feb. 28), causing the judge in the case to issue a bench warrant for his arrest at the behest of the state prosecutor.

The warrant will result in Chopper being extradited to the Baltimore County Jail upon his release from jail in Atlanta.

Bail will be preset at $50,000.

Chopper was previously accused of causing a scene at Eastpoint Mall in Maryland in 2001, as he allegedly approached a couple.

Court records state that Chopper displayed a BB gun and later robbed the man of $90.

The rapper was arrested a short time later near the crime scene.

The case was supposed to go to court Dec. 17, 2006, but the state did not complete a reverse juvenile waiver for Chopper, who was 16 when the

crime was committee.

Although Chopper made his first court appearance, the MTV reality show star's attorney said his client was under the impression that the case

had been dropped when he didn't hear back from court officials.

Chopper was arrested in August after authorities discovered a dated Baltimore County warrant during a traffic stop.

As for his case in Georgia, Chopper hopes Tuesday's court date will be a positive event with the judge either dismissing the charges against him, or granting some type of bond.