Chris Brown Accuser Vows To Bring Singer To Justice Over Rape Allegations

AllHipHop Staff

The woman says "Bling Bling stars" think they can do anything and she is now out for justice.

(AllHipHop News) Chris Brown’s accuser has broken her silence on her rape allegations in an interview with a French newspaper.

Breezy was arrested in Paris alongside two members of his entourage on Monday after the female filed a sexual assault complaint against the musician.

The woman claimed he raped her after she was invited back to his room at the Mandarin Oriental hotel after meeting at a nightclub on January 15.

They were released without bail on Tuesday.

The 24-year-old, who is from Algeria, sat down for an interview with French publication Le Parisien and cried as she described how she was being harassed on social media and by the press.

She went on to claim that she has received “dozen of calls” and taunts on social media from members of the singer’s entourage, one of which offered her “an arrangement.”

“As I blocked (their calls), they went through a girl, a French girl who knows the star, and I know a little bit... and [she] asked me if I wanted ‘an arrangement,'” the woman alleged. “I said no. I didn’t press charges for money. What I want is justice. And that the horror of what I’ve been through doesn’t happen to any other girl. These people have the power, they act like they can do anything they want to young girls.”

The woman said she never wanted to go public with her allegations but her complaint to the police was reported by French publication Closer, and again insisted that she was after justice, not money.

“These people think they have every right because they’re bling-bling stars,” she continued. “I want justice… And I know that in the end, justice will recognize that what I said is true.”

After he was released, Brown, 29, said on social media that the allegations were false and go against his character and morals.

He is officially suing the accuser for defamation. The investigation is ongoing.

Brown, who is free to leave France, remains in Paris and was recently seen dancing in the street as part of a music video shoot.