Chris Brown Caught On Camera Beating Up A Photographer


Chris Brown’s “Party Tour” could be derailed, thanks to a brawl the rapper was recently involved in.

by Mike Winslow

(AllHipHop News) The controversial singer, who seems to be in a different legal quandary every month, was in Tampa Florida last night (April 16) or an appearance at a local nightclub named Aja Channelside.

The owner of the venue claimed claims that tensions started to rise, when Chris Brown and his entourage arrived at the club and demanded that no photographer no fake photos be taken.

When a photographer decided to snap some pictures of the crowd as he stood behind Chris Brown in a DJ Bruce, a full on brawl broke out.

Chris Brown was caught on camera punching and beating the photographer, as the owner of the club call police.

However, Chris Brown and his entourage left before the cops arrived.

According to, the photographer is planning on pressing charges.