Chris Brown May Cop A Plea In Assault Case

AllHipHop Staff

Chris Brown may be willing to cop a plea to a lesser assault charge in exchange for no jail time, according to sources with TMZ.

With a legal team that has reportedly dissected Rihanna's affidavit in detail, Brown appears to believe it is reasonable to agree to a misdemeanor plea rather than the current felony charges.

Brown was arraigned last Thursday on charges of

assault likely to cause great bodily injury and making criminal

threats. He is free on $50,000 bail.

Based on the police report, Rihanna first struck Brown, and aggressively fought him as he drove a Lamborghini. The implication is that this encounter was not as one-sided as previously suggested.

Based on the pictures that were taken the night Feb. 8, police say it is clear that Brown physically dominated Rihanna, which experts speculate will make it harder to minimize his felony charges. According to the report, there are far more graphic images of a beaten Rihanna and Brown had no significant wounds on his body.

A text message apology to Rihanna's assistant and later claims he would seek help, could be admissible in court.