Chris Brown's First Full Week Sales Numbers For 'Heartbreak On A Full Moon' Are In

See how Breezy did in his first seven-day count for his 8th LP.

(AllHipHop News) A couple of weeks ago, Chris Brown expressed frustration that SoundScan was only counting three days worth of sales for his Heartbreak on a Full Moon it its first week of release. The shortened tally was the result of Brown dropping the album on a Tuesday, as opposed to the traditional Friday.

"So I’m hearing that I will only be credited for 3 days of sales for my first week. DONT UNDERSTAND how that is," wrote CB on Instagram.

Heartbreak on a Full Moon debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 chart with 68,000 units. The follow-up week - a full seven days - saw the LP collect another 73,000 units to hold on to third place.

Brown's 45-track collection opened in the lead position on the Top R&B Albums chart and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. The project has already been certified Gold by the RIAA.

Covered in u!!!!!

Congratulations !!! Chris

This is his best album to date. The songs are heartfelt, have a great beat, very telling of Chris's heart, and flat out the best album out there today. Keep up the amazing music you produce, write, and create...

I don't think a lot of you understand how soundscan works, and how many songs are considered a full length album. 45 songs equals more or less 3 to 4 albums. Just like when Pac released All Eyez On Me... Doulble album was considered 2 albums

Well done breezy I'm enjoying your music from South Africa, in Durban, keep it up breezy