Chris Brown Says He’s About To Sign Boxing Contract After Soulja Boy’s Taunts


Singer Chris Brown is hitting back at Soulja Boy’s claims that he’s holding up their big boxing match, which is supposed to take place next month.

by Mike Winslow News.

(AllHipHop News) Soulja Boy taunted Chris Brown in an interview published on Billboard, as well as on social media.

In a new interview with Billboard, Soulja promised to knock out Chris Brown, while his social media posts claimed that Chris Brown was stalling when he came to signing the contract.

Soulja accused Chris Brown of starting the fight, and stated, “What you waiting on? Sign that motherfuckin’ paperwork nigga. Stop playin’.”

“Yo, don’t worry, man. The contract’s going to get signed. That’s a done deal,” Chris Brown said tonight (February 2).

Earlier this week, Soulja announced that boxing legend Evander Holyfield would be training him in place of Floyd Mayweather.

Chris Brown is being trained by Mike Tyson.

“It’s going to go how it’s going to go. It’s what it is, man. Just be ready for your s##t. Don’t juice neither. That’s going to make you more tired. You’re going to be fatigued. 120 pounds soaking wet, right?

“I hope Holyfield teaching you everything in the book. Please, help Soulja.”

The two men are supposed to square off in the ring in Dubai in March.