Chris Gotti Says Jamie Foxx On Board To Play Drug Kingpin Who Tried To Kill 50 Cent

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Chris Gotti sat down for an interview and revealed he and his brother Irv have 10 projects in the works.

(AllHipHop News) Irv Gotti's success with his BET series "Tales" is just the start of a new push into the TV and film business with his brother Chris.

According to Chris Gotti, he and Irv have 10 high-profile projects in the pipeline, including a movie about the "Supreme Team" crew of drug dealers in Queens, New York.

During an interview on The Outlaws Radio Show on iHeartRadio, Chris Gotti said Oscar Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx has committed to play Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, the leader of The Supreme Team.

"We got 'Tales: Season 3,' greenlit. We have 'Tales: Gospel,' greenlit. We have 'Tales: R&B,' greenlit. When I say greenlit, I mean contracts, it's done," Chris Gotti said.

Chris also said a Latin version of "Tales" and a spin-off talent show based on the "Tales" brand was on the way, along with an untitled movie about a rapper selling his soul to the devil.

And then Chris Gotti dropped a bombshell revelation about their next project.

"We have The Supreme Team movie., greenlit. We've got Jamie Foxx committed and signed on playing Supreme," Chris Gotti revealed.

The Supreme Team organization was headed up by Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff.

McGriff is the gangster who allegedly ordered a hit on 50 Cent over his song "Ghetto Quran," which, resulted in the rapper infamously being shot nine times.

McGriff is serving a life sentence for a $50,000 murder-for-hire plot.

In 2001, Eric “E-Money Bags” Smith and Troy “Big Nose” Singleton were killed, and a New York jury convicted McGriff of being part of the conspiracy concerning their deaths.

Singleton was murdered execution-style on October 28, 2001, for a double murder, in addition to allegedly pistol-whipping Ja Rule’s manager outside a Queens, New York nightclub.

McGriff was also convicted over the killing of E Money Bags, who supposedly murdered one of Preme's closest associates, Colbert "Black Just" Johnson.

E Money Bags was murdered in May 2001. He was shot 10 times after gunman opened fire on the rapper’s SUV, as he sat parked on a Queens street.

Both of the Gotti.brothers have a close bond with Supreme, which resulted in a two-decade feud between Murder Inc., G-Unit and 50 Cent.

The brothers' loyalty to Supreme was also tested during a high-profile trial, in which the government accused the brothers of using a movie called "Crime Partners" to launder Supreme's drug proceeds.

No release date has been slated for the untitled project. 

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Supreme liked killing rappers...thats why Irv and Ja were scared...give Preme a piece or get shot up


Jamie could play the role; for those who think he is just a comic I suggest you peep his music ya boy can blow. Not to mention peep him play Ray Charles, in movies such as Law Abiding Citizen and other flicks. Some still see him from In Living Color; ya boy Jamie is multi-talented... Facts....

Having said that: Irv & Chris betta leave well enough alone. They are already lucky they are not locked along with Preme, no need to irritate the FED's again... IJS...


Cut The Jokes..... Nobody wants Tales


I got luv on the music for Murder Inc., I liked how they rolled. Haven't checked out tales, when I read the previews it seemed corny to me, so if don't seem interesting in print I won't waste my time. Now a Supreme Team Movie would be raw, un cut dope! But Jamie Foxx is a comedian. No way I can take a guy like him and portray him as a gangster! They fukkin up the movie already. Kenneth has a son, let him play the part or a unknown actor. This movie already sounds generic and watered down. Just like the first Biggie Smalls movie where you took the life of a great person and made it corny as Hell!!!!!!!!!