Chris Lighty And WMG Team Up For Brand Asset Group Joint Venture

Violator Management founder and CEO Chris Lighty has teamed up with Warner Music Group (WMG) Corp. to form Brand Asset Group, a new company designed to generate revenue through aggressively managing artist brands from all genres it was announced today (June 13).

Lighty will serve as CEO of Brand Asset Group, while taking an active role in developing product endorsement opportunities and implementing strategic, integrated marketing campaigns with artists, for various Fortune 500 companies.

"WMG is a company full of innovators," Lighty said in a statement. "Together, we can leverage our skills, relationships and our combined strengths in order to benefit the music industry. There are new and significant brand extension opportunities for artists with different companies that have never been contemplated before. We are eager to work together for the mutual benefit of artists, fans, corporate sponsors and WMG."

Lighty will report to Warner Music Group executive vice president Kevin Liles and work closely with executives at Warner Music Group's labels, including The Atlantic Records Group and Warner Bros. Records, in identifying sponsorship and brand extension opportunities for artists.

Warner CEO and Chairman Lyor Cohen said the company seeks to serve artists in all music and entertainment genres and it will include, but not be limited to artists on WMG's labels.

"Music and artists are at the core of everything we do," Cohen said. "Our job is to build an infrastructure that can provide opportunities for artists. Few people in the entertainment industry have been as successful as Chris has been in uniting artists and brands, and we're thrilled that through this new venture, we'll be able to bring Chris' talents and skill to bear on WMG's roster as well as artists from other labels.

Lighty's ability to unite artists and brands makes him a valuable asset for Brand Music Group, according to Warner Music Group executive vice president Kevin Liles.

"Chris' ability to transform artists into successful multimedia brands has made him a true pioneer," Liles said. "Having worked with Chris for years, I'm confident that together we can build Brand Asset Group into another powerful resource for our artists."

Throughout his career, Lighty has become well-known for his ability to link artists with major corporate brands.

His efforts provided new exposure for artists such as LL Cool J, who became one of the first hip hop artists to appear in a commercial for The Gap.

Additionally, Lighty secured major brand commercial opportunities for 50 Cent and vitaminwater, Busta Rhymes with Mountain Dew, A Tribe Called Quest with Sprite, and the Missy Elliot campaign with MAC.