Chris Rivers Speaks On Big Pun Abuse In New Song

Chris Rivers has seen a lot and many of his experiences spill out in his new, heartfelt video.

(AllHipHop News) The rich lyrical, hit-making legacy of Christopher “Big Pun” Rios is forever tarnished by his history of abusive behavior to his wife and family. While he continues to be celebrated as one of the best rappers ever, his son Chris Rivers has released new visuals depicting the ravages of domestic violence.

Chris Rivers new song, “Fear Of My Crown,” paints a picture of a home where a man rules using physical intimidation and violence.

He released a statement to explain the ideas behind the visuals, which are extremely disturbing.

"I️ just wanna say that this song and visual was super important to me. I️ know you can only make a song like this once so it had to be right. Growing up in an extremely abusive household , I’ve gotten to see all the subtle nuances and the major effects as well that trickle down from these events. From confidence issues to depreciation of self worth to trauma, the spectrum is so vast and yet most people sweep these things under the rug. I️ want everyone who has been through any form of abuse to know that these things do not decide your worth. These things do not lessen your character or the value of your spirit. You are not a victim and you do not need to repress these things or hide behind a mask that you’ve created to deter prying eyes. You are a warrior. You are a king, a queen and above all you are priceless. Please share to spread awareness of these things that happen all to often please watch the video and please don’t feel alone . I️ love each of you . Every flaw every perfection , every trial every triumph , the entirety of your souls with the entirety of my heart. Thank you guys ."

Producer Domingo, who has worked with both Big Pun and Chris Rivers, also commented on the song.

“I like what I am seeing and the point of this song and video was to bring a message on how kids are affected by Domestic Violence,”Domingo said. “Hopefully people are letting this message hit home and they will appreciate Hip-Hop music with a message again.”

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That's worth a post all it's own if it's legit.


Unless your name is Sistah Soulja, Arabeseque, or JK Rowling ain’t nobody got time to read your whole story. Condense that shit!! Next!!


From Big Puns Sister Nicole “Nicky” Rodriguez to her Nephew Chris Rivers and wife Liza Rios response to this video on Facebook page

Now several people feel they have to keep sending me my nephews music video that he made depicting his mother’s version of stories not his own. Of course I’m not going to stay quiet and I will defend my brother ALWAYS! ALL DAY! I am blocked from her Facebook so if you would be so kind to forward this to them I WOULD TRULY APPRECIATE IT!

Since people want to air their personal business to the world through their kids music videos, let’s play the extended version “Uncut”

Let’s talk about YOU Liza

  1. Make a video of how you brought your husband brother into his home with your children their and you sleep with his brother for 2 years before his death and continued 1 and half years after his death.
  1. Make a video of your lesbian affairs with his other want to be sister
  1. Make a video of your quickee affairs with the Bronx River Bodega dude when you went to get milk and eggs.
  1. Make a video of how your own mother sat their and watched you get so-called abused and DID NOTHING!
  1. Make a video of how your own brother sat their and watched you get so called abused and DID NOTHING!
  1. Make a video of the entourage of men in your circle who sat their as a group and watched 1 man so-called abuse you and DID NUUUUUZZZZING!

To my nephew, how can you tell me a year ago when we met at Jimmys that “ Honestly, I don’t remember my father or anything from back then because I was madd young” then be able to make a video with such detail. You contradicted your words. A person who remembers nothing can’t tell a story. You telling your mothers stories to defame your own father. LOYALTY! You definitely didn’t get from him or us.

Liza, you have those kids (Now adults) so brainwashed ITS SAD!

You can’t stand me because I am the only person who stood up to you and told you “I know you killed my brother”

How can I not believe this when:

  1. You and Scorpio commented you know my brother won’t be here in 2 weeks
  1. Your cousin Scorpio researched how to poison someone where it doesn’t show?
  1. You sat outside Fat Joes crib with Nyree to Kill him but he never came home.
  1. You admitted to putting a gun to my brothers head 3 times while he slept but didn’t pull the trigger.
  1. Why did you cremate my brother so quickly when he always wanted to be buried with his father- why didn’t you honor his death wish? What you was hiding?

This tells a lot about you Liza- you not a good person either

You had plenty of opportunities to leave , go to police if your exaggerated stories where ALL true but you stayed WHY? because you saw $$$$$$$ and you loved your 50 colored Reebok’s. I’m sorry, if I feared my husband so much I wouldn’t fuck his brother and sister in the same crib knowing their was cameras around.

Every marriage has ups and downs. It is no ones business what goes on it. I mean those closest to you sat their and watched and DID NOTHING! What the hell you think all of the people on social media are going to do for you?

You know that already and you do not care because your mission is not to be a spokes person for abused woman. Your goal is to keep finding ways to use my brothers legacy to make a living financially. FIND YOURSELF! WORK! Do something for yourself for once in your life. Stop using his kids to tell your exaggerated stories to make money.

Liza, I asked to speak with you many times but for some reason you always feel you need to bring a dude in the car strapped with you, carry your heater on you or bring someone with you. I bring nuuuzzzzzzing on me or with me. WHY DO YOU FEEL SO THREATENED WITH ME?

One thing that is for certain.. my brother loved his kids and NEVER Beat them as portrayed in baby Chris video.

Same as the way he was with me as my father figure, he was tuff on you kids to mold you and prepare you for the streets THE REAL WORLD!

My brother was no saint and no woman or person deserves to be abused PERIOD! He was broken himself and needed help and support from his wife. The truth is my brother had no respect for you because you never respected yourself. Its not like he had the best example of a father or of a man growing up.

Let’s make something clear:
I’ve been back in NY since February of 2015
I’m always at my brothers wall and move alone EASY TO FIND! Make a date if you want to respond to me IN PERSON none of this Facebook and Cyber shit.

No need to strap up as you usually do. Bring your hands if you want to get something off your chest. Unlike you, I am greatful my brother was ruff with me and trained me to hold my own. I FEAR NOTHING!


Much respect for the good song.


At the end of the day Pun was his father and bottled up feelings take some time to fully resolve.