Chris Webber Making Beats Under An Alias

When he’s on

the court he is a highly paid superstar, but behind the sound boards Chris Webber

tries to remain as anonymous as possible.

The Sacramento

King and NBA all-star has been making beats under a secret name for some time

the athlete revealed.

“I make beats

under an alias,” Webber told Dime magazine in a recent interview. “It’s

some well-known cats coming out using my stuff right now. But it’s under

an alias and hopefully the music will speak for itself because it won’t

have my name on it,” he continued.

This is not Webber’s

first foray into the music business. The 6-10 Michigan graduate is also owner

of Humility Records.

“I have had

a studio in my house for 12 years and I learned from some of the best,”

Webber said. “I came out with an album and that’s not something

I wanted to do. Artists would come to my house and I’d let them record

for free as long as they did a song with me and I’d rhyme over it….I

didn’t promote it. But I don’t like to even be looked at like I

put out an album, because it was just for me.”

Webber cited A

Tribe Called Quest’s Q -Tip’s classic line off “Check the

Rhime” when talking about the business end of the game: “Industry

rule number 4,080? Record company people are shady.”


glad I don’t have to depend on that to make a living, “he said.

“It’s an honor to make beats and a way to keep my love of music

going and stay on the low.”