Christian Rapper Pens Song Dedicated To Eminem

A Christian hip-hop artist has penned a track

dedicated to Eminem, urging the Detroit rapper to listen to the message of the


Eminem was given a copy of KJ-52's "Dear

Slim" backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards. The record is not a dis

to Eminem, yet Em's fans post vulgarities on the KJ-52 website.

KJ-52 told the Charisma New Service that he was

sincere in his message and that he was not trying to capitalize on Eminem's


"Come on, I do Christian rap. I live in

a one-bedroom apartment and drive a beat-up mini van. How much money am I going

to make? People download the song [from my Web site] anyway."

"This song was written to Eminem, but the

ramifications have been so much bigger than him. I may never get a response

from him. But the response I've gotten from people saying how much the song

changed their lives, to me that was the bigger picture."

While KJ-52 admits that he is not an advocate

of Eminem's lyrics, he says that Em shouldn't be condemned for his controversial


"[Am I] saying go out and buy your kid an

Eminem CD? Definitely not. But I am saying, at least understand why somebody's

doing something before you condemn them."