Christopher "Play" Martin Bringing Gospel To The Streets

Atlanta, Georgia based Holy Hip Hop Music has entered

into a strategic alliance with Nashville-based EMI Gospel for global distribution

of gospel Hip-Hop through EMI CMG Marketing.

The first album to be released through the new

deal will be Taking The Gospel To The Streets.

The 12-track effort will be executive produced

by Christopher "Play" Martin of Kid-N-Play fame. The album will also

feature live video clips from the 2004 Holy Hip Hop Music Awards.

"The diversity of Holy Hip Hop to be featured

is sure to raise eyebrows and garner applause, particularly in radio where PD's

are earnestly searching, now more than ever before, for unique Holy Hip Hop

tracks," Martin said.

The album also features the "12 Ministers

of the Gospel," who come from the North, South, East and West to ensure

the album contains a diverse sound.

Taking The Gospel To The Streets hits

stores on June 29.