Christopher 'Play' Martin Preparing 'Holy Hip-Hop' DVD Showcasing Gospel Rappers

Christopher "Play" Martin, one-half of the early

rap duo Kid 'n Play, is releasing Holy Hip-Hop, a new DVD that showcases

rappers from the world of gospel music.

Martin serves as host, director and producer of the 82-minute DVD, which offers

an inside look at artists leading the way in the gospel rap scene.

"When I got introduced to this world about ten years ago, I had no idea it was

around," Martin told "I've been blessed to get a second time

around and it's very special to see the packed concert halls to basements, watching

crowds of all kinds going bananas over Hip-Hop tracks and flows like it used

to be."

Martin, currently CEO of HP4 Digital Works, became involved in the gospel Hip-Hop

scene in the mid-1990s, following his stint as a member of Kid-n-Play.

The rapper has enjoyed both recording and on screen success and has starred

in movies such as House Party (1, 2 and 3) and Class Act.

Shortly after becoming a born-again Christian, Martin found his true calling

was in the film world.

"After I realized my purpose and true love for film making, I pitched the idea

to my partners," Martin said. "I was given all access into the lives of most

of these incredible artists [featured on the DVD] and now I hope I have contributed

in sparking a new life into the Hip-Hop culture.

"I hope this is the beginning of a new chapter in Hip-Hop music, something better

for my sons Christopher and Skyler, for their generation and beyond," Martin

continued. "I haven't lost my touch. You know ya boy throws a great house party!'"

Holy Hip-Hop hits stores Wednesday Mar. 21 and features 5.1 surround

sound, interactive menus, scene selections and trailers.