Chubb Rock Working On New Album Dedicated To Late Wife

Rapper Chubb Rock hopes to make add another chapter to his story in Hip-Hop, with a new album titled The Grown and Sexy Theory, which hits stores this year.

Fans around the world recognize the rapper's unique voice and delivery on his trio of hit singles "Just The Two Of Us," "The Chubbster" and his biggest single "Treat Em Right" which all charted in 1991.

Now the 6' 4" tall rapper will deliver his most personal album, which fulfills a promise he made to his late wife, before she succumbed to cancer.

"It was actually made because of a promise I made to my wife," Chubb Rock revealed to "She passed last year from cancer. It makes you not take life for granted. She was younger than me, in perfect health. She didn't like how music was going. She was a Hip-Hop fan to the fullest. But she'd turn on he radio and be like, 'What's this?' So I'm doing this for her. I don't care if this record sells."

Chubb Rock, who dropped his first album in 1988 for Select Records, dropped out of pre-med at Brown University to pursue his rap career.

He reached the peak of his career in 1991 with his album The One, which spawned the three aforementioned #1 singles. The album also rose to #13 on Billboard's Top Hip-Hop/R&B Chart.

Chubb Rock said that he stuck to the formula that not only earned him pop chart success, but respect on from the underground, as a member of one of the incarnations of The Crooklyn Dodgers, which featured fellow Brooklyn wordsmith's Jeru The Damaja and O.C.

"When I sat down to do this album I actually fell in love with the making of records again," Chubb Rock told "Not making records for deadlines and all that but, the process of making music. I fell in love with the art of Hip-Hop again. If it sells, who cares. Completing it was the accomplishment."

The Grown and Sexy Theory is due in stores later this year on Chubb Rock's own label, Hyztory Records.

The rapper is also working on a project with Wordsmith titled Bridging the Gap in October 2007.