Chuck D. DJ Spooky & Slayer's Dave Lombardo Team For 'Drums Of Death'

Chuck D., Dave Lombardo

and DJ Spooky have teamed up to create a new heavy metal meets Hip-Hop album,

called Drums of Death.

According to Spooky, the album blurs the lines of various genres

of music.

“Right now it seems much more like everything has become

so compartmentalized,” Spooky told Wired Magazine. “I want to make

a genre that's a blur -- where your iPod is malfunctioning, and next thing you

know your hip-hop is in the rock section of your playlist, and your rock has

gone over to your dub section, and your reggae section is mixed into your jazz

and your classical music is sprinkled over everything.”

Spooky said that Chuck D. raps in a style more that will remind

the discerning listener of Public Enemy’s first two albums, Yo! Bum

Rush The Show and It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.

Additionally, Slayer’s Lombardo was the only portion of

the album that was recorded live. Spooky said Chuck sent his files in for the


Slayer’s sound should be familiar to fans of the group,

as Public Enemy sampled the group’s song Angel of Death on the hard rock

tinged – “She Watch Channel Zero,” taken from 1989’s

It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us back album.

While Flavor Flav is absent from the project for creative reasons,

Spooky created a synthetic voice for the album.

“We ended up making a synthetic voice to replace Flav

that kind of evoked the same kind of call and response,” Spooky said.

“So Chuck D does his thing and instead of going back and forth (with Flava

Flav), it goes to the computer.”

Drums of Death

hit stores on April 26th.