Chuck D & Flavor Flav React To Reports Of A Lawsuit Over Public Enemy Royalties

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The two Hip Hop legends take to social media to offer their thoughts on the legal situation.

(AllHipHop News) News broke this week that Flavor Flav is suing his Public Enemy groupmate Chuck D for unpaid royalties.

TMZ received a response about the lawsuit from Chuck. He told the website, "Flav has his rights, but took a wrong road on this."

The legendary emcee added, "We will be [together] on a future stage" and Flav "will again be embarrassed admitting on stage about the way it spun out. It’s always this way with him."

Chuck D addressed Flava Flav on Twitter as well. He wrote:

I cant accept ~~@~~PublicEnemyFTP not doin benefits because Flav refuses to do em.So I head to Houston w ~~@~~prophetsofrage we have done 8 in 1 year. When its all SAID & done I gotta pick him up & dust him off. Miss a deadline things move. Don't release album there WONT be touring ~~#~~spoiled. 2015-16 I put PE in front of 300k in 30 arenas Nov. 4 60,000+shows in Manchester along w 250k a record away ~~#~~gracious. Things dont happen automatically without ugly work.Hope Flav is woke & pays attention-Gonna parkPEtourCar & take plates off ~~@~~prophetsofrage. People can lighten up on Flav. It's his new mgt that vengefully felt that suing a 3rd party & connecting me was a good move for him ~~#~~stupid. PE Door is always open not for Bulsht. He as a no show for ~~@~~harrybelafonte ~~@~~Sankofa benefit after the man inducted us into RRHOF ~~#~~ungrateful. I'll end there I need not to make no damn list on Flavor. We go fwd. He's 58.Houston needs attention. As w TRUMPOTUS. BLOGS ETC-do good work.

Flava Flav also used social media to offer his response to the situation. He posted on Instagram:

#ATTENTION EVERYONE!! this is Flavor Flav speaking himself,,,I love my partner Chuck D everyone so don't get it twisted,,we will fix it!!