Chuck D.'s Slam Jamz Label Enters Into Distribution

Chuck D.’s Slam

Jamz Records inked a deal with Music Video Distributors to drop three new DVD/CD


The first three

DVD/CD releases to drop under the deal include “Impossebulls: Slave Education,”

the story of the world’s first virtual rap group, “7th Octave: The

Seventh Degree,” which is the vehicle for Professor Griff’s concept

“Ghetto Metal” and "No Boundaries: A Slam Jamz Compilation,"

which will showcase different styles and songs from various artists.

Chuck D. said releasing

the DVD/CD’s will allow the label to introduce new music to the world.

Part of the label’s strategy is taking advantage of existing formats and

emerging technology to distribute music.

“I started

the label in 1996,” Chuck D. told “The major labels

don’t know what’s going on in each territory across the world, so

I decided to build a worldwide circuit on the web and now I am moving into the

DVD distribution because DVD is the revolution of the consumer based buying

of music.”

Chuck D. said the

United States is just one of the 25 countries he plans to make the label's releases



a firm believer that most American acts don’t like to travel, especially

in these times, when everyone thinks there should be a big residual at the end

of their hard work, that’s why I have a circle of believers,” Chuck

D. said. “It’s not based on what they sell, but what they do to

establish their buzz.”

Chuck D. has championed

the use of the Internet and emerging technologies for independent labels and

artists who wish to avoid the politics of the music business.

“As things

move forward in technology and we think as a collective, that these things are

beyond us, it sets us up to be slaves and subservient to it. At the turn of

the century, I told people that there’s gonna be a lot of cats that can’t

scale that wall. And the wall is the divider between the millennium and the

century. A lot of cats are still stuck in the 90’s, in the last century.

Your education holds you to what you are going to be. Right now our collective

education what you are going to be. Right now our collective education is not

adaptable for this millennium.”

The first three

DVD’s will drop on October 5th.