Chuck D. To Be Featured On File Sharing Special

Rapper Chuck D. will be featured on a two hour

cable television special, "Music Wars: Open Mike," that will engage

industry experts on the question of file sharing.

The special, which will run on TechTV, will also

feature questions from a live audience as well as phoned in questions about

the controversial issue.

"The issue behind peer-to-peer file sharing

continues to polarize opinion throughout the entertainment industry and in political

circles,"said Vice President of Programming, Greg Brannan.

"With the RIAA recently launching an aggressive

attack on individual song swappers in an effort to expand its legal battle against

copyright theft, we felt that now was the time to present a comprehensive view

of what's happening."

In addition to Chuck D., Nikke Hemming, the CEO

of Sharman Networks, which owns and operates Kazaa will be featured, as well

as former RIAA head Hillary Rosen, Congresswoman Mary Bono, Tommy Lee, Michelle

Branch, Phish and Jesse Jordan, who recently settled a case with the RIAA for

$12,000 after being hit with a lawsuit for file sharing.