Chuck D. To Give "State of the Union" Address

While President Bush delivered his State of the Union address yesterday (January 20), Public Enemy front man Chuck D. is preparing his own speech.Chuck D. will deliver his "State of the Union and Vibe Session" February 5, at California State University in Sacramento, as part of Black History Month.Chuck D. has been one of the most vocal opponents to the current United States government.At the awards that honored amateur and independent filmmakers for the best anti-George W. Bush commercial, Chuck D. made his stance on the current administration clear."We do not want eight years run by a Colin [Powell], a Bush and a Dick [Cheney]," he saidIn related news, Chuck D.'s latest recording project, Fine Arts Militia, struck a deal with Shared Media Licensing, to deliver releases in the new "Weed" file sharing format.The "Weed" format allows a file to be freely shared on the Internet. Users can listen to a file three times for free and is then asked to purchase the file.Artists receive 50% of all sales and 35% is distributed to the three recipients who shared the file in the distribution chain.Unlimited copies can be burnt to CD and MP3 players as well."Weed lets us get our message directly to the people, without layers of corporate bureaucracy to water it down and f*ck it all up," Chuck D. said.