Chuck D. To Lead New Organization


D., the outspoken leader of Public Enemy has announced

the formation of a new movement organization, R.A.T. (Radio

Attack Terrorists). The organization's goal will be to gain

more exposure for artists that have a positive message.

"Were gonna

change the climate by identifying every media owner, music and

program director, record and video marketer and expose their

addresses and social security numbers, if need be, to hold them

accountable in front of regular folks that haven’t a clue

who to attack. For those who question the motives of this anger,

I don’t think they’ve witnessed the average middle

to high school in the inner city. The curriculum has all but

failed. CD Walkmans are now carried and listened to in class.

As I said before the metal detectors are the norm. There is

sexual confusion amongst students who’ve been exposed to

adult themed issues and problems without adult explanation and

navigation. But at the same time we’re not talking about

this being the youths or hip hops fault. It’s the fault

of big business as usual and the grown folk who misuse this

culture to feed themselves at hip hop and the people’s

expense. There should be some very concerned people at the end


According to his

website,, pressure is already underway in Chicago,

Philly and Detroit.