Chuck D. To Protest Iraq War At 'Bring 'Em Home Now!'

Public Enemy frontman

Chuck D. will be among the artists protesting the war at the "Bring 'Em

Home Now!" benefit, which takes place tonight (Mar. 20) at the Hammstein

Ballroom in New York.

Proceeds from the

event will be donated to Veterans for Peace's offshoot, Iraq Veterans Against

the War.

Performers such

as Michael Stipe, Bright Eyes, Rufus Wainwright, Cindy Sheehan and others will

protest the war in Iraq, as well as encourage the immediate withdrawal of troops

from Iraq.

The show kicks

off at 8:00 pm.

Public Enemy has

a new album in stores titled Rebirth of a Nation, which addresses the

war in Iraq among other social ills.

The experimental

album was produced and written by Paris and features dead prez, Immortal Technique,

MC Ren, the Conscious Daughters, Kam and others and is in stores now.

In related news,

Chuck D. told that Public Enemy will will release a new album

titled How You Sell Soul to a Souless People Who Sold Their Soul next