Chuck D: 'War With Iraq About Money And Oil'

Chuck D. was guest speaker at Radford University's

Black History Month program yesterday (Feb. 18). The rapper spoke on the looming

war with Iraq and accused U.S. leaders of ignoring the global opposition to

the war.

“Bush doesn’t listen to the people,”

Chuck D. said. “I don’t know who he’s representing. The whole

world is saying this is not wise, but he’s pushing ahead. Everybody in

the world is telling this cat ‘no.’”

Chuck said that many American's were receiving

blatant propaganda from the Bush Administration and said that when the facts

were examined, the current war effort boils down to money and oil.

“America’s talking about fixing the

rest of the world, but our own backyard ain’t right. We can lead by example,

but we’re not better than anyone else.”

“We the people are getting F*cked,”

he said.

Chuck also told the crowd that corporations were

profiting from the divisions between cultures, citing the differences between

the Middle East and the United States.

“It’s all propaganda.”

In related news, Rock The Vote will honor Chuck

D. Feb. 22 at New York's Roseland Ballroom. Chuck will be bestowed with the

Rock The Vote Founder's Award.