Ciara Broke Up With Future Because She Was "Wasting" Her Life

Ciara pretty much throws Future under the bus in a new interview.

(AllHipHop News) Ciara ended her engagement to Future after realizing it would be best for their son if the pair split.

The singer and the rapper broke off their engagement in 2014, just three months after welcoming their baby boy, also named Future.

Reflecting on their time as a couple, the 33-year-old told Red Table Talk host Jada Pinkett Smith her approach to the relationship was heavily influenced by her child.

“When I was thinking about my son, I know what I want to feel. I know the kind of love that I want for us,” she said.

Ciara also refused to stay in a situation she felt was unhealthy.

“The one thing I fear in life is really wasting my life. I really fear that ‘cause you realize that time does not stop and it will be the worst scenario to stay in a situation that it’s just not healthy – it’s not going to get any better,” she added. “I realized that I have to start making different decisions.” She also looked to her parents’ marriage for inspiration: “I had to take a couple of times to figure it out, but my dad’s love is what saved me in all my situations, because it would get to a point where I was like, ‘My dad wouldn’t do this to my mom. This can’t be love’,” she shared. “I’ve always had the same goal of wanting to be loved a certain way, but I was just walking in the wrong direction.”

The star appears to have found exactly what she was looking for with athlete Russell Wilson, who she married in 2016.

“It was different,” she told Jada of meeting the Seattle Seahawks quarterback. “I never had that feeling in my life. It was just like, it was calm… It’s a different level of love.”

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thats cool just be a wife cause nobody cares bout your music that part is over too


this what happens when you are born with a mother and father and have a great relationship with your daughter as a father..You show how a lady is supppost to be treated...shes one smart woman. Future is cancer to her...sad she made a baby with his sour ass..Ciara is one hot woman and smart as well.


She so lame. She couldn't be social media happy with Future like she is with Russell. She cares more about how stuff looks in the public.