Cincinnati Police Say No Suspects In T.I. Shooting

The Cincinnati Police Department has refuted all reports of any major breakthrough in the Philant Johnson homicide case.

"There have been no arrests in this case and there are no warrants pending," Cincinnati Police Public Information Commander Lt. Mark Briede told "We've heard that Atlanta radio is reporting it and we've gotten several calls about this. But we know nothing about it."

Because the May 2006 case is still under active investigation, the Cincinnati PD is unable to provide any additional details at this time.

"Our investigators don't discuss their investigations unless there is a major development or an arrest," added Media Liason Fran Cihon. "Once a homicide takes place, we do a media release announcing the crime and it's investigation. But we don't do updates on a case, with the exception of situations where information is uncovered that the public could use to help us resolve the case. In those situations, we release that information to the press in hopes of driving up Crimestoppers tips."

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Cincinnati police had two people in custody and were close to arresting the person who shot Johnson to death in May 2006.

Johnson was shot and killed on a stretch of I-75 in Cincinnati after an argument between unknown individuals and members of T.I.’s entourage at Club Ritz.

The assailants open fired on a van in T.I,’s entourage, striking and killing Johnson, 26 and wounding three others.