Cinemax To Debut Full-Length "3AM" Video

AllHipHop Staff

Detroit superstar Eminem has released a viral clip to accompany his Dr. Dre produced, serial killer-themed second single “3AM.”

The 30- second clip juxtaposes visceral images of a deranged Eminem running through a forest and escaping from a mental health facility.

Through the quick flashes, the viewer can determine that Eminem likely kills his mental health handlers to facilitate his escape.

“3AM,” which was directed by Syndrome, is the third track to be released from Eminem’s upcoming album The Relapse.

Like his lead singles “The Real Slim Shady” and “The Way I Am” off 2000’s critically acclaimed Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem’s “3AM” will serve as the dark counterpart to the pop sensibilities of “We Made You.”

The full-length, uncensored video for “3AM” will debut exclusively on Cinemax on May 2 at 10PM.

The video is set to follow the network’s premier of the horror movie The Strangers.

The single and trailer clip continue Eminem’s new focus on viral marketing.

Last week, the Interscope star released a viral website to a sinister, fictional drug rehabilitation facility entitled Popsomp Hills.

Eminem’s sixth album Relapse is scheduled for release on May 15.

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