City Park Manager's In Vancouver Trying To Shut Down Cypress Hill's 4/20 Concert

The managers of the park are in fear of thousands of potheads heading to celebrate the 4/20 "holiday."

(AllHipHop News) A 4/20 themed show featuring legendary rap group Cypress Hill could go up in smoke if the manager of a park where the concert is happening has his way.

Cypress Hill is set to headline a wildly popular 4/20 concert on Sunset Beach in Vancouver, Canada.

But there's growing opposition to the group's performance.

Sunset Beach Park Board Commissioner John Coupar is seeking to cancel the group's performance, over fears pot-loving attendees will cause damage to the park.

"I think, as a park commissioner, it's my duty to say, 'Hey, this is getting out of hand.' We've been telling this [4/20] group that they're not welcome in the park for a number of years," John Coupar said.
Thankfully the rift has nothing to do with Cypress Hill and is more about the size of the crowd that is expected to descend on the park.

Over 40,000 are expected to show up over the weekend to smoke, celebrate and party to the sounds of the legendary West Coast hip-hop act.