City Questions Obscenity Laws After Trina's Performance

A Monroe, Louisiana City Councilman is planning to question the city's obscenity laws after Trina allegedly groped an audience member at a performance on July 12.

City Councilman Ben Katz said that he was "appalled" after a local newspaper ran photos of Trina's performance at the Monroe Civic Center, in which she straddled an audience member and unzipped his pants in front of the crowd.

"I saw pictures of acts I consider to be unsuitable for young people," Katz told the News-Star. "The pictures embarrassed me and I found that kind of act to be a disgrace. That kind of act shouldn't be seen in our public facilities. If it isn't an obscenity, we certainly need to revisit our standard for obscenity."

Other officials said that they had no tolerance for "conduct of that nature" and said that if they knew prior to the performance, they would have taken steps to prevent it.

The council meeting begins tonight (July 22) at 7 p.m. at Monroe City Hall.