CL Smooth Preparing New Album 'American Me'

Rapper CL Smooth is ending a ten-year hiatus and releasing his highly anticipated solo album, American Me.

The album, which drops on Shaman Work Recordings, features production by Arsonist of the Heatmakerz, Kaygee and Tramp of Divine Mill and newcomer Mike Loe.

" American Me is about misconceptions. It's about the things people say, the things people perceive, right or wrong it's about the speculations that we force on each other," CL Smooth explained.

The first single from CL Smooth's debut is titled "Smoke In the Air," which is slated to hit radio nationwide this July. A video for the single will hit major video outlets as well.

Like his well known songs "Straighten It Out," "I'll Take You There," and "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)," which were recorded with former partner Pete Rock, American Me will tackle a variety of personal and political topics.

"I'm bringing the real deal, in spite of everyone and everything else. My lyricism isn't about brute force; instead it showcases what I've come up against and why I'm still here."

American Me hits stores September 19 on Shaman Work Recordings.

Below is the track listing for American Me:

1. American Me Intro

2. American Me

3. I Can't Help It

4. Call on Me

5. Black Heart Radio interlude

6. CL Smooth Unplugged

7. Warm Outside

8. The Interview

9. Gorilla Pimpin

10. The Outsider

11. The Impossible

12. Smoke in the Air

13. Travel Sometime interlude

14. The Stroll

15. American Me Outro

16. All We Ever Know