Clerk Of Court Slipped Letter To Meek Begging For Money During Hearing

AllHipHop Staff

Was Meek Mill the victim of a conspiracy in a Philadelphia court?

(AllHipHop News) An exclusive letter has been released, showing that the clerk of the court which sentenced Meek to 2 to 4 years in prison, asked the rap star for money.

Wanda Chavarria slipped a letter addressed to "Mr. Williams" asking him to pay her son's college tuition.

Chavarria admitted she passed the note to Meek during his probation hearing in November, asking to fork over the money at Virginia Commonwealth University.

"This will probably be my son's last semester at VCU if the tuition isn't paid for this year and unfortunately with my bad credit, I am unable to secure a loan or cosign a loan for my son," the note obtained by reads. "Anything you can do is very much appreciated. Every little helps -- please donate what you can to keep him attending VCU."

Meek Mill refused to fork over any money and Chavarria's son is planning to graduate in May.

The letter adds to a list of odd requests made of Meek Mill from the court which oversaw his probation from a 2008 gun and drug arrest.

Meek Mill and his lawyers have insisted Judge Genece Brinkley asked him to rerecord a Boyz II Men tribute song in her honor, in addition to asking her to drop Roc Nation as his management.The rap star's 2-to 4-year incarceration for a series us of minor infractions has sparked a nationwide debate on the criminal justice system.

Artists, politicians and activists including T.I., Jay-Z, Rev. Al Sharpton and Colin Kaepernick have offered words of support for Meek, who is serving his time at State Correctional Facility in Chester, Pennsylvania.

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1st that if true, is extrmley messed up and should be dealt with, but this has nothing to do with his charges while on probation,. His lawyers need to reach somewhere else...


Weak Meek & his janky attorneys have NO EVIDENCE on the Judge but THE COURTS have Violation after Violation on his THIRD STRING azz! & this clerk is just an employee in the courthouse, that's NOT official business, that's gonna get this MEGA LAME punk outta Prison Time!


I agree. People are defending him cause they can. The fake boss out the car thing was the straw. But prior got Beanie Siegel beat up over there The Games airport scuffle and more. Don’t care how minitmothers make it. U on probation, chill.


his sentence as a repeat offender hasnt sparked a nationwide debate about anything. he didnt repect the terms of his early release and bambi soft sentence and now hes paying the consequences. there are videos of this guy sending his goons on people you cant play street boss on video and then play the victim afterwards this guy should take the 4 years to reflect and calm down