Clipse/Re-Gang Sign Deal with Koch Records

Celebrated Virginia duo The Clipse have announced a special partnership deal with Koch Records today.

The deal is for a special LP entitled The Clipse Present the Re-Up Gang, and will be released on August 5th.

The project will be a full album with nine new tracks including a Scott

Storch produced single and 3 new remixes of tracks from We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 3.

The project will feature all four members of the Re-Up Gang: The Clipse, Ab Liva, and Sandman. The collective has been recording together since the Clipse's platinum debut Lord Willin' in 2002.


"Fast Life," the Scott Storch produced single will be released to radio

outlets next week. With what Koch calls its "infectious hand claps and

retro synth effects," the label feels the track has "irrepressible

energy" and have compared it favorably to the Clipse's hit song "What

Happened to that Boy."


years of bitter legal disputes and lost opportunities on their former

label Jive, Clipse member Pusha T was reflective and grateful for the

new deal.

"Everything happens for a reason," Pusha T explained to "We put out the We Got It for Cheap

series on our own for the street and that helped keep us visible and

build the Re-Up name as an entity. This time, (our manager) Tony Draper

got with (Koch General Manager) Alan Grunblatt to put together an

official album with new music and let Koch records do what they do

best. This release gives us something fresh in the marketplace to

reward Re-Up fans while we continue to work on the Clipse album."


Draper and I have worked together since the days of Suave House and

Relativity Records," states an excited Alan Grunblatt. "Koch loves the

Clipse and are thrilled to be working with the Re-Up Gang."


the Re-Up Gang taken care of, the Clipse have also found time to

negotiate a 5 year, 50/50 deal with Sony/Columbia Records for their own

albums. The deal with also allow the Clipse to retain ownership of

their masters.

The Clipse Present the Re-Up Gang is scheduled to hit stores August 5.