Clipse’s Malice Clarifies Rumored Drug Dealer Lifestyle

AllHipHop Staff

In the wake of the sensationalism behind the drug conspiracy indictment of former Clipse manager Anthony “Geezy” Gonzalez, Malice has released the revealing video blog detailing his real life away from Hip-Hop music.

With nearly all of their music revolving around the illegal and community destroying practice of drug dealing, Malice admitted his participation in advocating the “foolishness” of these actions over his 10-plus years as a Hip-Hop musician.

“I am and have been part of the problem,” Malice confessed. “I need foolishness in my Hip-Hop. I need foolishness in my movies, I happen to like that. A movie is not good unless you got some bricks getting moved or people getting killed. When I get in that booth and start recording I can drive as many Bentleys as I want. I can hop on as many G5’s or drop as many tops as I want.”

The veteran Virginia emcee clarified the misconception that the Clipse simply celebrate the drug dealer lifestyle.

“We ain’t out there just frivolously shooting up your block where innocent bystanders can get hit,” Malice stated. “One thing I can say about the Clipse and Re-Up Gang is that we just paint those pictures for you. We give you the pros and the cons We give you the ramifications and consequences of what could happen and what does happen. We don’t just give you the glorious street life.”

For young and impressionable Hip-Hop out fans, Malice drew a distinct difference between the aura and image that surrounds the Clipse’s music, and the reality of his life outside entertainment.

“When the spotlight ends and the industry hoopla is over with, I just want to show you how my life is really like. See that right there? That’s not a Bentley, that doesn’t even have rims on it,” he stated, pointing to his truck. “If you’re 25 or older, I’m not even talking to you,” Malice continued. “Y’all already know everything. If you’re 13 and trying to get in the game, do that. I love Hip-Hop and understand the dream and the big chain. But you gotta learn to separate the real from the fake…So when the music stops, along with all the dealing and killing, what good is it if you’re not around to enjoy your success?”

The Clipse’s third LP Till the Casket Drops is tentatively scheduled to drop in September 2009.

The Kanye West featured first single "Kinda Like a Big Deal" was released on April 20, followed by a Bun B-assisted remix on April 30.