Clipse Talk About Dark New Album

With six Grammy nominations the Neptunes’ influence may be no greater than it is at this moment, however the Clipse don’t want any of the duo’s pop-perfection production. “Beat wise, we won’t let them duplicate nothing,” Pusha T told about the ‘Tunes contribution to their second album, Hell Hath No Fury.The Clipse are putting the final touches on their sophomore effort and say fans should expect a darker album.Ironically, Pusha T said the Neptunes were supportive of the group switching gears to a more sinister sound.“They were really complimentary to what we were doing,” the rapper said. “[Though] the album is really dark, we’re really not going to lose a lot of fans with this one.”A big reason for the new sound, according to Pusha T, is the lyrical growth of Virginia’s Finest.“A sixteen-bar spitter and call it a day,” Pusha T said.But now the younger half of the act believes through diligence, he’s learned his craft.“The last album I could tell you I didn’t know how to write songs. I was doing the best I could,” he said. “I did a lot of observing… and just critiquing myself, basically. In accordance with all the greats I like.“It’s like I’m not just trying to find the hottest punch line these days. I’m trying to make sure the fan, or the consumer, or whoever just gets in my world and gets into my whole mood. And I think that’s what makes all the greats great.”While the new album has been finished for some time, Pusha T explained that he and Malice are waiting for last minute guest appearances. Yet he remained tightlipped about revealing who would be sharing time on the mic with them.However, he quickly added the album could stand as it is, without anyone else.“I don’t want to put it out there right now because it’s not done yet,” he said. “But the album is done. I’m so happy with it, that at this point I don’t even need they a**. We good, man.”In addition to new material, fans can expect a DVD documentary chronicling the Clipse titled “Behind the Grind.” The DVD will be available in March of this year, when their album is released.